Mike & Debbie Lafferty Service Award

Mike and Debbie Lafferty served Catholic Engaged Encounter from 1982-2010. They served in local, unit, and district leadership. They also served as editors for Horizons, the CEE newsletter. Through their ministry they recognized the need for ongoing changes to the CEE weekend outline. They served as both district representatives and chair for the Outline Task Force (OTF). In that capacity they learned fundamental changes were needed to the structure of the outline while being true to the dynamic nature of Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend. With the blessings of the National Board, they formed the Outline Review Committee (ORC) and served as its first chair in 2008. With representation from every district, including both laity and religious, and through the grace of the Holy Spirit, the outline was revised and presented to the National Family at the 2010 CEE National Convention in Seattle. Debbie passed away in 2010, but the National Family will always be grateful for their ministry and this award was created to honor the spirit of their service.

Recipients of the Mike & Debbie Lafferty Service Award

2012:  Larry & Bobbie Steinhauser, Kansas City
2014:  Eddie & Linda McClure, Baton Rouge
2016:  Steve & Claudia Schulz, New Orleans
2018:  Jay & Julie Stuart, Louisville and Rev. Frank Pugliese, San Diego

The Mike and Debbie Lafferty Service Award is bestowed every two years at the Catholic Engaged Encounter National Convention.  The award is given to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary stewardship to the Catholic Engaged Encounter ministry. 

Eligibility:  Participating member of a local CEE community (couple, priest, individual).  The member’s/members’ life/lives show/shows extraordinary qualities of stewardship to the CEE ministry. 

Nominations:  Any member of a CEE community may nominate an eligible candidate.  

Timeline:  Nominations may be submitted to the District Coordinator beginning January 1 of the calendar year of a national convention.

Selection:  District Coordinators will review the nominees from their District, and with their District Board, they may select a maximum of two nominees whose names they will submit in writing to the NET and National Board by June 1.  District Coordinators will make a brief presentation of each nominee from their district to the National Board who will review the qualifications and eligibility of all nominees (maximum of 10) before selecting the service award recipient(s) at its second quarter meeting (normally in July).