Registration System and Local Website FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
(for local CEE communities)

The Registration system is a customized WordPress plug-in to support CEE weekend registration. The plug-in supports the creation and maintenance of weekends for local communities through an easy to use web-based tool.

This system has been used to support over 10,000 weekend registrations for multiple local communities over the last decade.

The plug-in must be used with a local sub-domain created by the Information Management Team (IMT) and supported by a local registration administrator.

At this time, National Catholic Engaged Encounter does not charge the local communities to use the registration system.

There are several customized options within the registration system including email content and weekend location details. The form completed by the engaged couple is a standard format and can’t be customized for each local community.

The following weekend materials are available to be printed:

  1. Certificates (basic or graphic)
  2. Rosters
  3. Room Assignments

The registration system utilizes a PayPal plug-in to support payment processing. All payment information including credit card details are managed by PayPal. The engaged couple is returned to the local community website following payment.

At this time PayPal charges the local community 2.99% of the registration fee plus $0.30 for each transaction. Lower rates may be available for a local community that is registered as a 501(c)(3).

See PayPal for additional terms of use.

Yes, PayPal refunds are supported and the registrations system interfaces with PayPal to support status updates and email communications.

Here is a tutorial video on processing a refund in the PayPal and registration portals.

Here is a tutorial video on processing a refund in the PayPal and registration portals without removing a registration.

Yes, PayPal donations are supported and the registration system interfaces with PayPal to support status updates and email communications.

Here is a tutorial video on configuring PayPal for donations. There are systemic emails that come from PayPal. They are not sent by the registration system.  

You can find records of the donations in PayPal. You can also find them in the registration system under Finance/Donations.
You can choose to manually update the notes on the registration system records and send additional emails as needed by your local community.

The registration system supports requesting, approving and recording scholarships for engaged couples to attend a CEE weekend.

The registration system supports multiple retreat locations and/or fees.

The engaged couples see the following information when registering for a weekend:

  1. Weekend Location
  2. Weekend Date
  3. Number of Spaces Available
  4. Cost

There are local community specific emails that are sent by the system including:

The registration data can be exported in a CSV file format to support use with other third party tools (e.g. Microsoft Access database or Microsoft Word mail merge). 

The registration system supports the following admin roles:

  1. Leadership Admin
  2. Host Admin
  3. Finance Admin
  4. Registration Admin

See this link for additional details on the registration system including:

  • form questions
  • fields
  • quick codes (variables)
  • status
  • settings

Contact your District Information Management Team (DIMT) or the National Information Management Team (NIMT) to learn more (see National Directory).

Yes, editing a picture can be done by the site admin.

The process depends on whether it’s a “hero banner” (aka Featured Image) at the top of a page or a picture within a page.

For a hero banner, you have to go the the WordPress page editor and select Featured Image:
For a picture on a page, select Edit with Elementor and then select the pencil editor to display the left pane:

There are several contact forms available on the website (Contact Us, FAQ, Volunteer) that will allow users to contact your local community through a mail service designed to block spam. 

Editing a contact form email can be done from the WordPress Admin Contacts function:

Please work with the Information Management Team if you have any questions on configuration options.

Yes, you can share testimonials on your local website. They display in a “randomized” order each time the page is loaded so they do not appear static. Here is a tutorial video on configuring testimonials.

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